Photo Blog – These are a few of my favourite things..

As i’m still struck down with terminal man-flu and my posts havent been as frequent as i’d hoped, I thought I would share a very quick couple of pictures of some of my favourite Japanese bits and bobs which I either got in country of have picked up since

This was a gift from my Japanese teacher – a Cherry Blossom and Green Tea flavoured Kit Kat. On our travels we noticed many ‘unusual’ flavours (Blood Orange, Green Tea, Tomato Soup off the top of my head – there seemed to be different flavours in different parts of the country)

This is the JR Rail Pass, which allowed you free access to pretty much all public transport. Absolutely essential if you are planning on seeing as much of the country as you can. The picture doesn’t do the pass justice and is pretty much a work of art (using the famous image of ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’) and makes British Oyster cards look a little depressing.

This is a postcard that I picked up near Kamakura, which is home to many beautiful temples and the amazing statue of The Great Budda (Kamakura Daibutsu) which is the second largest in Japan. But Kamakura also loves cats! I loved the cheeky smile on this postcard so much that I decided to bring it home and frame it (I haven’t yet had a go at translating the text)

On the theme of cats, the flyer above is for a Cat Cafe that we visited during one of the fun evenings we spent in Shinjuku, where we paid about 800 yen (about £6) to spend an hour in the company of some of the most well groomed moggies I’ve even seem. Due to cramped living conditions, it is not always possible for people in the bigger cities to have their own pets, so this is the ideal place to unwind after a hard days work. Very relaxing, although I wanted to take them all home with me

Incase you are interested the website is here:

..and end on a geeky one! This is a pair of Luke Skywalkers Lightersaber chopsticks that my wife got for me for Christmas – haven’t had the chance to use them yet!

anyway, just a couple of pictures for now and I’m off back to my sick-bed!

Oyasumi Nasai

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