Bulletstorm Demo

With the Bulletstorm demo hitting Xbox Live today (and available tomorrow on PSN) here are my quick first impressions

The demo allows you access to a short skill shot ladder level (your target completion time is 6 minutes), here know as ‘echo’s, called Collapsed Building. Our host, Grayson Hunt walks us through a brief introduction video showing you the 3 main weapons available to you in the demo, the PMC (Peacemaker Carbine), the Flail Gun and of course your trusty pistol – each of which has a more deadly but limited secondary fire option. You are also shown the leash and kicking moves. The leash is an energy whip which can be used to grab an enemy and pull them towards you or in its thumper mode, bounce them off the ground and into the air for all new skill kills opportunities.

As you race into the first room, you are greeted by two enemies and you don’t just want to pump them full of lead like you would to the dead eyes drones in any other shooter, suddenly there are options – do I use the leash and drag that guy over here and headshot him at close range, do I use the thumper to launch him into the air, do I use the secondary fire on the PMC to burn to a crisp and what about that panel in the ceiling over by the other enemy, what happens if I grab that with the leash?

..and that’s the beauty of this demo – on your first run through, you’ll be testing out the weapons and seeing what crazy skill kills you can get, but then at the end of the first run through you have a 1 or maybe 2 star score – how can you do better? So you go again, this time trying new weapon combos and instead of shooting that guy by the ledge, maybe you’ll kick him off this time to see what happens. Ohh better score, but still only 2 stars and 7000th on the leaderboard! What the hell! How did he get that score! No way!!! and you go again…..

Bulletstorm looks to be a game that wears its Gears of War influences proudly on its sleeve, with the demo level hugely reminiscent of a later level in Gears of War 2 and even your main character could be Wolverine in Marcus Fenix’s armour, but it’s gaming influences are broader than that with enemies seemingly imported from Borderlands and (in the full game) Killzone, the high score replayability of The Club and the uber-gun-porn-for-laughs sillyness of Serious Sam.


The demo only shows off the Echos competitive mode but if the same level of good old-fashioned fun and inventiveness can be sustained right through the single player game and the co-operative Anarchy mode (and throw in access to the Gears of War 3 beta on the Xbox 360 version) then this looks like an essential purchase for me

Moreish like a chocolate coated crack bar – Daddy like!

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