I’m not even supposed to be here today…

Right about now, I should be on a Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 departing London Heathrow Airport and landing around 11 hours later at Tokyo Narita Airport, Japan – but I’m not, I’m here in ‘jolly ol’ England sat in front of my pc with a massive – I mean seriously MASSIVE – case of the blues

Following the terrible events in the Tohuku region earlier in the year we had to make a very quick decision as to whether we would continue with our tour as planned or re-book for later in the year. With so much uncertainty at the time and not to mention the scaremongering in the media, and with very heavy hearts, we decided to postpone and re-book for later in the year.

I wanted to give some kudos to our excellent tour company Inside Japan http://www.insidejapantours.com/ that we used on our previous trip to Japan (and are using again this time) who have been so helpful and supportive during the difficult period immediately following the tsunami and have kept in constant touch with updates and advice ever since.

On the positive side I had possibly the worst haircut in the history of the world earlier in the week so at least I won’t have to share my embarrassing barnet with the unsuspecting Japanese public. It will give me more time to continue my Japanese language lessons (which I really need – Nihongo wa muzukashii desu), more time to plan all of the places that we want to visit, more time to research all the weird and wonderful Kit Kat flavours that we’ll be looking out for (such as ‘Bubblegum’ and ‘Cheese’ flavours! – there’s a whole blog to follow about that) and more time to save extra spending money

Everyone points out that at least I now have something to look forward to later in the year and they are, of course, correct – but today it feels like little consolation

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