Japan 2011 – Pre Tour


Japan Day 0 – 9th and 10th September 2011 (23)

Its finally here! My long, long awaited and unfortunately delayed return to Japan…..

Please note, the following is a quick opinion piece which may contain some sarcasm and is in no way reflective of the blogs that will follow this. They will be happy, happy pieces about returning to a place I love with ever fibre of my being

So lets clear up one quick thing before we start

If you are travelling in economy class on any long haul flight anywhere in the world and you choose to recline your seat you are, without a doubt, a first class, grade A, bell end – of course this is just a general statement and is in no way at all aimed at the hugely annoying gentleman (lets call him Spencer, after the most odious person i can think of) who was sat in front of me on Virgin Altantic flight VS900 from London Heathrow to Tokyo Narita airport, no sir, most definitely not

Most definitely not aimed at ‘Spencer’ despite the fact that he wasn’t even sitting in his assigned seat due to a hilarious mix up where he was too thick to work out the difference between row numbers

The person who show have been sitting in row 35, seat A seemed a nice chap – definately not a recliner – but after he arrived looking for his seat to find it already occupied by ‘Spencer’ he kindly offered to swap seats to save the hassle of making ‘Spencer’ move

Personally I love it when the small tv in the back of the chair in front is reclined so far thats it’s barely 4inches from my face (I believe this is the optimum viewing distance recommended for all tv these days) and my fold out tray is squashed so far up into my chest during dinner that I no longer need utensils, I can just lap at my (admittedly delicious) food like a dog

I like to think there is a special level of hell reserved for these ‘recliners’ – somewhere between people that molest the elderly and people who watch the BBC ‘comedy’ My Family

Anyway, enough gloom – I’m in Tokyo and lots of things to tell…….

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